Robot Design Courses - Spring 2013







    The graduate section (EML 6508) was canceled. It may be available in Spring 2014.

Undergraduate Section: EML 4840


There will be NO class Thursday, April 11. Please watch this page and/or Dropbox for a recorded lecture or alternative assignment. Also note that there will be no office hours this day other than those made and confirmed by appointment. Please check for this video or alternative assignment on Monday. More details inside Dropbox.

There will be a short 30 minute class on Thursday, April 18 starting at NOON (12:00pm) in EC 1115. The primary purpose will be course evaluations. This time was selected in order to not conflict with any Senior Design presentations. The class will have labs at various times during the week of April 15th for this lecture and sign-ups will be posted soon. Office hours will be held after Senior Design presentations until 4pm.

Office hours on Thursday, April 25 will be from 12:45-2:00pm. Final grades will hopefully be posted on Friday to Dropbox for review.

Materials and Resources:

Files available to registered students via a shared DropBox folder.

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