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The Robotic Physical-Therapy Assistant

My thesis project involved designing and creating an inexpensive and safe device for physical therapy. The device was designed such that it can be produced to be both small and light so that it could be used in a home environment, as well as in a physical-therapy office setting.

The key features are that it:

  • is inexpensive (the prototype was built with less than $700 in materials)
  • is safe, allowing no direct cable-user contact
  • has a 'break-away' joystick
  • has several modes of operation, which allow for both training and assessment
  • is easy to use and made to be non-intimdating to patients

This was completed in November 2007. Dr. Oren Masory was the project's advisor. Publications and patent considerations are currently in progress.

Video in WMV format:
Device Demonstration

Master's Thesis in PDF format:
A Planar Cable-Driven Robotic Device for Physical Therapy Assistance

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